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What to expect
  • Our worship is conservative in style, with the intention of glorifying God without distraction, in Spirit and in truth. We endeavor to maintain a reverence, throughout the entire service, and in all our activities, including worship style, content, and dress, that is reflective of God’s holy character. While we have no official dress code, typical attire is business casual to formal.
  • Families are encouraged to worship together during the song-service. Missionary needs as well as general needs, are reviewed and prayed for during that time. The sermon itself is expository, usually in a verse-by-verse format through a given book of the Bible, and lasts 45 min to 1 hour. Those who attend are encouraged to bring a Bible, but extra Bibles are available if needed. The Authorized Version is typically taught from, however if those who attend prefer the use of other legitimate translations, this is acceptable. We recognize that it is the original text of scripture that is the inspired Word of God, and take due diligence to present that in the teaching.
  • During the Bible teaching, parents are encouraged to take advantage of the nursery for children three years and under, and there is a Sunday School available for the toddlers up to age six as well, but this is left to the discretion of the parents.
  • The gospel is presented in one way or another during the sermon, each week, as it is critical that the sinner who is without Christ, be given a clear presentation of the way of salvation through Him. We often offer a lunch following the service, and all are encouraged to stay for that, as we consider Christian Fellowship to be an important part of our time together.
  • Our Bible Studies take place in more of a classroom and less formal environment, including some Q and A. Child care is available as needed, during this hour. These studies are primarily done in a verse by verse teaching format,often taking the time to further delineate key Bible doctrines, and always with the goal of holding the scriptures and the Lord Jesus Christ who is revealed therein, center stage.